Bissary Collections

If you have any items from the list below that you would like to donate, please email David Compton at

Supporting a School and a Health Centre in The Gambia, West Africa

Container Items needed for The Plymouth–Bissary Aid Project

Metal Framed Single Beds (bolt together headboard/base type)

Sheets for any size bed and blankets for any size bed

Duvet covers for any size bed, duvets in clean condition for any size bed

Pillows, pillow protectors, pillow cases, net curtains

Forks, Spades, Rakes, Hoses, Watering cans

Bicycles in good working order or any parts that could be used for repairs

Garden chairs, Folding tables, Garden Plastic tables, Plastic stacking chairs (School style) and school type tables(metal legged)

Boys and girls sports clothing up to age 16 approx especially football strip

White school shirts boys and girls, Green school uniform – pullovers, shirts, dresses

Trainer type shoes – all sizes boys and girls, Work boots for men. All tied in pairs. Pencils, rubbers and sharpeners, school exercise books.

Baby clothes

Music CDs and Film DVDs

Nail varnish, bracelets, hair bands

Any hand tools for wood/metal/stone work. Spare nails, screws , nuts bolts etc.

Working computers — especially laptops or desk top keyboards and monitors and mice

School bags and satchels. Rucksacks and suitcases.

Boys, Girls and Ladies underwear

Small fridge ( 240 volts), Caravan fridge (Gas and 12volts), Bottle Gas Cooker/ Oven

Aluminium Ladders

Reading glasses, mugs, forks, knives, spoons and general saucepan type cookware.