Drink Spiking

Thanks to an amazing effort by a Plymouth Soroptimist, a teaching module focussed on educating students on the dangers of ‘spiking’ in support of Violence Against Women and Girls is now a formal part of City College Plymouth’s Public Services course.

The module has been presented to first and second year students aged 16-18 by Plymouth President Elle and research developer Gabrielle.

Gabrielle said: “I believe this to be a worthwhile project in helping young girls to reduce the risk of having their drinks spiked. During the research it became apparent that other types of spiking had evolved.

“The project is designed to develop a safe space, a platform (whether that is a website or an app), that will focus on various modules and be part of each new cohort’s learning on the course. We have initially focussed on the ‘5 x S’s’, Spiking, Safe Streets and Space, Stalking, Sexual Abuse and Sexting. The first module is for the students to design and develop the platform and the initial content relating to Spiking.

“The students will learn skills in leadership, communication, project management and stakeholder management. They will then have the chance to showcase their final designs in a Dragon’s Den setting, with the winning team’s design being the agreed platform that will be used over years to come.”

Elle, who has fully supported Gabrielle in delivering this project, said: “I will be on hand to mentor the teams, particularly an all girls team, and I am really looking forward to seeing the results of their work, and hopefully being asked to be one of the Dragons. I believe this is a unique concept and we are very grateful to City College Plymouth for being so enthusiastic in their support and for including this in their curriculum. 

“We shared the Soroptimist values with the college which supports our mission to improve the lives of women and girls in our community through education, empowerment and enablement. I am so excited to see this project grow in years to come, and for other schools and colleges to adopt a similar approach to the education of their young adults in personal safety.”

Liam Stevens, Public Services and Sports Program Manager at City College said:

“We are thrilled to join forces with the city’s Soroptimist project, embarking on this impactful initiative together. As the learning destination of choice, we are committed to empowering young minds, and this ongoing project aligns perfectly with our goals. By raising awareness and empowering the youth, we strive to make a significant difference in our community.”

For more information about this project, or if you would like to know more about the Plymouth Soroptimist club please contact Elle at ellevsorops@gmail.com