Kopila project

About Kopila

Kopila Nepal works at every level of the community to raise awareness and promote and protect the rights of women and girls. They work with individuals and families, encouraging women to join SelfHelp Groups where they can receive training and support to grow in confidence, escape domestic violence or start their own businesses and gain financial independence. They also help girls from vulnerable families to access education by providing uniforms and equipment so they can go to school. Kopila works closely with schools to make the environment more girl-friendly, providing training in women’s rights to teachers and helping schools to provide sanitary products and promote girls toilets. Kopila helps identify people with mental health issues and gives them and their families access to the support they need.

Our club has donated £3000 to Kopila over the last three years.

Kopila project receives a cheque for £3,000 from SI Plymouth & District

The impact

The work of Kopila Nepal has a wide reaching impact across a number of Districts in the rural communities of Nepal. Within the last two years Kopila has:

1. Worked with 18 schools to help them make the school more accessible to girls through Working with the stakeholders of the schools – teachers, parents and children – to raise awareness on gender based discrimination and the various perceptions, practices and facilities and that can hold girls back from flourishing in school. Providing a safe space for girls to speak about the issues that affect them. Supplying sanitary towels to schools for girls to use, reducing the barriers for girls to access education.

2. Provided over 400 children with the books and equipment they need to participate in education through Identifying the children from the most marginalised families who are at risk of dropping out of their education due to not being able to get access to the educational materials they need. Providing regular support to these children which has meant they have all been admitted in grade 11 for the continuation of their higher education.

3. Raise awareness of mental health issues with 311 young people through Education on the language they use to avoid stigmatisation and helping them to know how they can best support their friends. Using drama that the children can use to help inform others and build awareness around mental health issues. Providing, where appropriate, children and members of their families with access to counselling. Looking forward – Kopila will be continuing its work to help girls access education, support women to develop a sustainable livelihood and help people with mental health issues get the treatment they need.